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Hello my NLP friends, could you be a genius? I know somewhere inside you’ve always considered that maybe in fact you are a genius…or maybe not. The fact is that although many people may have the ability for extraordinary intellect, many of the strategies that geniuses like Einstein, Mozart, and DaVinci had in common can  Read more ➝

In NLP, we often ask the question “when is enough enough?” And what we are looking for by asking this question is whether or not they’ve actually reached their personal threshold with a particular issue or problem. It is a question used to calibrate whether a person has reached the point of no return, in  Read more ➝

I knew “I needed to move house,I went there, I saw the place, it was gorgeous and then I told myself I just had to have it and bam I did it, I bought it right then and there” Any really good NLP Practitioner, has a tuned ear not only what “what” their client is  Read more ➝

The other day my mom and dad dropped over to my place. It doesn’t happen often, so although I visited them a week or so earlier I was really excited to see them again and spend some more time together. After a few moments of pleasantries we settled in around the kitchen table. It was  Read more ➝

I had just returned from one of my distant adventures… Some people call it “work”  but I just find that word so limiting and somehow inaccurate…regardless.  I had just returned and was eager for some quiet time with my family. My family isn’t big on quiet time.  As a matter of fact how I live  Read more ➝