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Big or small…how do you like your chunks of information? “Excuse me could you tell me how to get to Martha’s Mad Kitchen restaurant?” “Martha’s Mad Kitchen restaurant? hmm, yes yes of course, ok first you just keep driving along this road just like you are.“ “Yes ah huh” “ Then keep going until you  Read more ➝

“You are not your behaviour! or Complex Equivalence yet another potentially unresourceful pattern. “Because I do ____, means I am a bad person” or“Good people don’t do _______” Your behaviour is not who you are. Your behaviour is simply your behaviour. It can be crappy being around you, or maybe there are times that it  Read more ➝

Have you ever just known that someone was not telling you the truth? It would be pretty darn cool to be able to tell when people aren’t being completely honest wouldn’t you agree? The first time I heard of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), was during an intensive Trainer Training I attended many years ago. Tucked  Read more ➝

Love strategy…is it possible that we all have a strategy for getting love? Are there things that we do, or say that we believe are going to get us the love we want? Are there things that others say or do that somehow we interpret to mean they love us? Is it different for everyone?  Read more ➝

Most of us have heard the saying “perception is reality”, or “ what we perceive we believe”It really is the truth, however what we perceive is only OUR reality.  Sometimes our “reality”  is highly useful and conducive to experiencing a wonderful life, sometimes it is not. I said to Fredrik the other day   “I’m ready  Read more ➝

Ok so by now enough internal fog has cleared since your NLP Practitioner Training that you may find yourself asking some questions about some of the terminology within the Meta Modal and Milton Modal.  (Now if you just read that and are asking Meta who Milton when? my timing is perfect) I’ve decided that to  Read more ➝

“I didn’t even know I had one” Recently, I decided to sell two love seats I had in the basement recreation room. I mentioned they were available to my good friend as I wanted to gift them to her.  She had mentioned that she would be fixing up a space on her lower level and I thought  Read more ➝

Perhaps you’re having similar experience to what I had after my NLP training… First and foremost I was so blown away at what I had learned, my mind just kept running ahead of me noticing all the useful and resourceful applications of NLP.  I soon discovered that it wasn’t possible to live without NLP, it  Read more ➝

Arriving in Orlando for yet NLP training, I was fully invested; strangely enough I was a little hesitant. Between the airfare, hotel, upcoming food costs, car rental and the cost of the training, as I said “I was fully invested”…. When I decided to attend the training, although I have been trained up to a  Read more ➝

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is an absolutely invaluable set of skills in parenting…teaching… well for developing highly resourceful strategies for great results…whatever you do. Great NLP is the ability to utilize a seemingly endless supply of techniques combined with a heightened acuity or awareness of what is “going on” in the world around you, in  Read more ➝