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“I didn’t even know I had one”

Recently, I decided to sell two love seats I had in the basement recreation room.

I mentioned they were available to my good friend as I wanted to gift them to her.  She had mentioned that she would be fixing up a space on her lower level and I thought they’d be a good match.

The other day when my girlfriend was over for a visit, I showed her the love seats and asked if she’d be interested in giving them a new home.

She looked at them for a moment, she looked back at me, I offered…

“they could go into your computer/games room”

she made some facial expressions and then said…

“yeah that’s a good idea.”

” I’m doing some renovating in that space, I’ll go home and check it out and I’ll let you know”

A couple of days later during an email “conversation” she wrote…

“oh yeah, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, I’ve decided I’d like to finish off that space first and then think about what furniture I’d like to put in there, so I’m passing on the loveseats…thanks so much all the same”

“No worries, I realized you weren’t going take them back when I asked you”

“How did you do that?” she asked

I figured out your decision making strategy?” I responded

“How did you figure out my decision making strategy??? I don’t even think I know it!!LOL!!!”

“LOL no it’s not the kind of thing that most people would be aware of.  I just watch and listen to you. When you consider doing something and you do it you go through a mental process, and when you decide and you don’t do it, you go through another mental process – it’s NLP – and everyone has decision making strategies. “

My friend to say the least was curious, and maybe even a little freaked out…

I added,

“If I wanted to persuade you into doing something I would just lead you through your process for considering and then doing it, as opposed to your not doing it strategy – but I don’t do that…not to everyone at least”

I do realize what a powerful skill set this is to have.

Do you?

With this skill set in the “wrong” hands people can be lead into things they don’t want to do very easily.

As a matter of fact each day I watch people talk people into something they don’t really want.

I see it on TV, I see it in restaurants, I see it during conversations walking down the street.

But in the right hands, in the hands of care givers, parents, teachers, health practitioners and therapists, for that matter anyone that really does care and is sought after for help, NLP is a gift. A gift to be shared.

Some decisions are small, some are big, and others are really BIG…

Some take a moment to make, some a few moments more and some well even more moments sometimes months.

The problem is when the little tiny decisions, take as much time as the BIG decisions.

Some people find themselves caught in a web of indecision and often times ultimately end up not doing anything, including the things they want to do.

Often when they finally do commit to making a decision it’s the wrong one.

“What was I thinking?”

“What on earth possessed me to do that?”

“Why would I even consider….?”

When will you be ready to stop asking yourself those questions?

Almost twenty years ago I was tasked with entertaining a client from overseas.  He had been telling me all about his travel adventures and I was mesmerized, the part of me that yearned for adventure, the part of me that wanted to be “able” to live my dreams was tweaked into curiousity.

“Must be nice to travel and see the world” I said

“It is, it’s very nice, and do you travel?”

“No” I hesitated, “I couldn’t possibly….”

“Not possible?” he interrupted

“don’t be silly it’s not about what is possible it’s about making decisions.  It’s just a decision”

I considered what he said (although a part of me didn’t like it) and he was absolutely right.

it is – no matter what it is – is just a decision, and the sooner I make it the sooner I can get on with the business of getting on with my life.

The better the decisions I make, the better I feel…

Learning how to make “good” decisions – decisions that have been absolutely priceless for me and those I love, is a gift beyond compare.

Before I took NLP Training , I couldn’t even imagine how much better my life could become, I thought I already knew and I also thought my life was really great…and it was, but could it get even better?

Could there be more out there?  Could my hopes and dreams become my reality? Could I become a really happy, complain free human being that makes really good decisions?

The answer for me was YES and YES!

Now a question for you…

Do you dare to find out how much better your life can become?

After all it is your Life and it is just a decision.

To your success!

One thought on “Decision Strategy? – I didn’t even know I had one

Andrew Manicaro12 years ago,

I am always fascinated about how people reacts to certain decisions, big or small. On most occasions I can even predict their respond.

After years of study and training with two splendid awsome teachers (Jackey and Joseph) I can say that I dont let others effects my decisions.

When it comes to decisions I’m always led by love – I mean if i love the outcome of it and it feels good, I go for it. Sometimes I even have an inspiration through a meditation session and then I develope that idea or decision. I trust my inspirations, couse from what I learned any inspiration comes from God. Obviously it has to feel good for yourself or your higherself.

Love and Joy.


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