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Arriving in Orlando for yet NLP training, I was fully invested; strangely enough I was a little hesitant.

Between the airfare, hotel, upcoming food costs, car rental and the cost of the training, as I said

“I was fully invested”….

When I decided to attend the training, although I have been trained up to a Trainers level in NLP, I realized there was so much more I could learn and with  our first full out Practitioner Training offering I am committed not only to providing the certification for our clients, but I am absolutely committed to turning out some of the Best NLP Practitioners in the world.

That goal I realize is a hefty one. There are countless “NLP” Trainings being offered and amongst the hundreds of Licensed Board Certified NLP Trainers there is a handful of what I would put in the category of “exceptional”. My goal is to be amongst the exceptional, and recognized as such by Dr. Bandler himself.

I believed that the very unique combination of my platform skills, my training experience/skills combined with my knowledge and passion for NLP that I would be able to achieve this goal.  Combine that with my business partners NLP Skills and passion for NLP I believe that our institute  – One Spirit Institute for Feeling Even Better – will in fact be turning out some of the best NLP Practitioners in the world. I am committed to doing and that!

Even still upon arrival in Orlando.

I was hesitant

Well I don’t know why exactly, perhaps just normal human insecurities popping up.  I would after all be “dancing” with the best of the best of NLP during this training.  I know just how powerful my skills are and with it my ability to see through peoples “stuff”. Attending this particular training  I would be spending 10 days with Richard Bandler and John & Kathleen Lavalle , (not to mention others who have spent decades training close to Richard).

I thought to myself “if I can see what I see, these guys can probably “smell” my stuff at 500 paces LOL!  I guess if I was thinking like that, it would explain why I was feeling a tad hesitant LOL!

On the eve of the first day I put my hesitation aside and then behind me.  I have been studying and using NLP for almost 10 years.  In that time I have seen my life turn around and propel forward in exactly in the direction I set it (I first learned how to set the direction).

I’ve experienced miracles in dealing with my children (one is a teen now and the other is one year away) and I’ve propelled my business into an International level providing programs to the most select (I select who I work with) corporations/individuals, as well as Private sessions and Public events, this is far beyond what I imagined…so to speak.

I have helped people overcome everything from…

  • Phobias (those are easy peasy to overcome) to deep trauma like rape, abuse etc.
  • I worked with people in business and Top Executives alike and helped them to get there unresourceful stuff behind them, so that they could be free to be the absolute best at whatever they chose.
  • I’ve helped others open up their future and make it brighter and clearer than ever before.

Not once, and not ever did I make anybody do something they didn’t ask for or did I let their “stuff” get in the way of my opinion of them. As a matter of fact them coming to me and wanting to have the best personal development training available in the world…just made me appreciate them all the more.

I reminded myself, on the “night before” training of the Presuppositions of NLP and specifically “all behaviour has a positive intention behind it” (to paraphrase).

I knew 100% that the crew at my training would in fact “see my stuff” and I trusted they would help me to make the necessary adjustments (consciously or otherwise) so that I could reach the goals I outlined on my pre workshop application form.

Boy oh boy did they ever!!!   Thanks again Guys and Gals!

The days were long and they flew by in an instant.  I laughed and learned and laughed and played and laughed some more.  I was reminded, taught and validated (through experiences – there’s no back patting required when you’re mind is being blown).

The last time I had almost that much fun was at one of our own trainings LOL!

Getting to participate in a program where you know and have been told time and again that “you have to be there” is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself.  I did it for me, and now everyone around me gets to benefit too!

Actually I didn’t “get to be” a participant, I chose it.  I committed to it.  I overcame my hesitation and excuses for not doing it.  Now that it’s done I have me to thank. The best part of that is now is just the beginning.

Dang I get goose bumps when…

I think about the amazing changes I’ll make for myself and what my life will be like a year from now!!

When I first decided to take NLP training (you can have a look at my article –  for the full story)  I didn’t know anything really about NLP, I just knew that it had grabbed my attention and I perhaps like you reading along now, found myself very curious and decided “what the heck just do it”.

I hadn’t spent much time or money before NLP on Training.  I didn’t have a company to pay my bills (that would be so sweet!) I had to do it on my own and I did, and I haven’t looked back once  – well that’s not entirely true, I look back often to remind myself of what a great decision it was and continues to be!

I absolutely know now despite ups and downs that   “First life is good and then it gets even better!”-  The only thing that ever gets in my way…is myself.

Be happy!


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