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Perhaps you’re having similar experience to what I had after my NLP training

First and foremost I was so blown away at what I had learned, my mind just kept running ahead of me noticing all the useful and resourceful applications of NLP.  I soon discovered that it wasn’t possible to live without NLP, it was in everything we did and said.  It is after all how we communicate, and simply put nothing more than that yet the paradox is it’s everything beyond that.

If in fact we are creating our realities through our thoughts (and it seems that science has been demonstrating and expanding the connection between what Metaphysical studies have been teaching us for thousands of years – Neuro Linguistic Programming is one such science) then what we are thinking is very important as it is creating our very experience.

The structure of “what” we are thinking….the “how”  we think then plays a core role in “what” we experience because the “how”  provides the details necessary for the “what” to take place. It also provides us, upon observation of the how valuable and specific details of how we create unresourceful  and therefore less favourable experiences and how we create resourceful experiences and therefore more favourable experiences.

Having this awareness (NLP) is priceless as you now have the ability to adjust and alter any experience past, present or future to one which you would like verses one you would not like.  I’m not implying that through NLP you can create your future specifically although it sure does help in getting you exactly where you want to go and if you end up somewhere you didn’t want it be you can make the necessary changes in the blink of an eye to get you back on track.

As new practitioners your experience with NLP has literally just started and there is so much more. I’m so excited for you, eager to see where you go, what you do, and just how amazing you will make your life.

When I was done my NLP training I went out into the world like a freed bull…excited, fully of energy and unfortunately a lot of the time I was like a bull in a china shop. Smashing into this and breaking that. I wanted to tell everyone and let the world know how much easier life can get.  I ran into some troubles with this.  It seems (and I’ve come to realize a thousand times over) not everyone is where I am nor are they interested in being where I am.  I had to learn to let people be where they are, and doing so without judgement makes it even better.

So here’s a set of don’ts and do’s, that will keep you pointed in the direction of the learning, sharing and loving NLP in a “user friendly” kind of way…

Please Don’t…

  1. Don’t go around “fixing” everybody – Just because you can see there stuff doesn’t mean that they want to know that you can. It’s their stuff and until they ask for help it’s not yours to meddle with so resist the temptation.


  1. Don’t think you know it all – You’ve just gifted yourself with an absolutely huge gift of knowledge and awareness.  Most others will never even come close to knowing/experiencing what you’ve learned through this program, but there is plenty more and if you make the mistake of becoming a know-it-all, you’re gonna bang into a couple of walls, break a whole bunch of rapport and probably lose the knowledge that you have because the minute someone calls themselves an expert they’ve stopped learning.


  1. Don’t get lost in books – If you’re anything like me you’re an information junkie.  You may find yourself looking for more and more information, reading anything and everything.  Be mindful, not everyone that writes a book or starts up a website knows what they’re talking about.  Be certain your sources are credible.


  1. Don’t try to teach others – Look guys I’m gonna say this straight out.  I realize that during the training it may have looked like I was just standing up there talking, and I absolutely know that there are some of you that believe you could easily do the what I did…and I’m certain that one day you will. I guarantee you however that for me to get the information into your minds in the time frame that I had took skills and techniques that you were oblivious to. You were aware of probably 5% of what I was doing. If you want to teach others a technique, they are a dime a dozen and probably easy enough to share, but there’s a whole lot more that goes along with teaching people how to get into peoples minds and for the benefit of mankind…it takes a huge amount of responsibility and in addition if you try to “wing” it, more often than not the student is gonna get confused.

Absolutely please DO!

  1. Do develop a practice habit – Maybe once a week decide to focus on one Meta Model pattern, or an element of rapport or hypnotic language patterns, and then spend the rest of the week practicing just that every chance you get!  Have fun, experiment and stay committed your skills can only improve with practice.


  1. Do practice in stealth mode – Nobody else needs to know what you are doing.  Besides you’re just gonna freak them out.  For example the next time you sit down with a friend who starts complaining or going through a tough time, just notice all the modal operators of necessity they come up with…you’ll hear them through their limiting beliefs. They don’t need to know “what”  you’re hearing, or that you are aware of how they have structured their perception into one of limitation, you just need to listen and notice.


  1. Do practice reframing – To continue from point 2.  If you decide that rapport is good and they are ready maybe you can practice reframing them based on what you’re hearing.  Notice it helps or if it doesn’t. Notice if you reframed or told them what to do (that never works even if they do it you’re just enabling and encouraging their victim archetype and nobody needs that)


  1. Do ask me questions – Send me emails, set up a time to Skype, whatever  works for you.  Do your best to figure it out and then contact me with your questions.  Joseph is eager to help too, it’s part of our ongoing commitment to support you.  Now I’m not talking about becoming your personal coach…that cost money…but questions are welcome.  Besides if you’re not asking any questions you’re just not getting any answers.


Your NLP training has really just started this article is just a small part of our continued ongoing measure of our commitment to your NLP learning, I will be sending out a couple times a month a brief note on NLP. I’ll review piece by piece what we covered during the training and give you some ideas on how to practice.

Until next time darlings have fun and be curious!


2 thoughts on “NLP Practitioner Training is complete…or is it? So Now What?

Paul Cilia12 years ago,

I can see many places within my representational map, that can be better structured, constructed, decorated.
And I am aware that at my novice NLP stage, I see more detail than I can understand…YET. I’m taking it one step at a time.
Now allow yourself to soften.. breath easy.. and allow your sub concious to give you a back massage…


Ryan Scerri12 years ago,

This article is great, thanks for taking the time and posting.

As much as i learnt and am curious, i am also humbled by how much i am learning and how much life can be easier.

As a personal experience i am also feeling that i am seeing, hearing and feeling more then i can understand at the moment which I am accepting and let my brain figure out what it is….coz i know my brain works faster then i think 😉

All i know is that more possibilities are coming up and more barriers are breaking everyday which is kinda what i am focusing on practicing as this was one of the many things that struck me during the NLP course!!

looking forward to what is next 😉


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