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In NLP, we often ask the question “when is enough enough?”

And what we are looking for by asking this question is whether or not they’ve actually reached their personal threshold with a particular issue or problem.

It is a question used to calibrate whether a person has reached the point of no return, in other words, they are really ready to move on to change.

You can often hear from people “This has to change!” or “I’ve simply had enough!”. When you do then there’s a good chance they’re ready…but are they willing and able? That’s where an NLP Practitioner comes in.

As a NLP Practitioner it’s very useful in applying the whole ready, willing and able model of change.

If our client is ready (had enough) and willing (self-motivated) to make the changes they say they want; NLP sessions at the practitioner skill level are very effective at helping the client gain the ability (able) to change.

If they need help with the first two (threshold & motivation strategies) that client is probably better suited to working with a master practitioner skill level depending on the practitioner of course.

Until people have reached threshold, they will not make the change. So as an NLP Practitioner; determining when enough is enough is the absolute best place to start.

On another note; as Practitioners working with a client often we ask ourselves how do I know I’m done? or “When is it enough?”

This is a very important question for anyone working with clients of any type and in any field.

Anybody can learn some techniques and apply them to a particular problem or situation.

But, how as a NLP Practitioner do you know when the change has occurred?

This is one of the most important skills we learn at the NLP certification training for working with yourself and others because it takes patience and persistence to learn it.

There are many signs that can indicate different levels of change when working with a client but there is one sign above all that will tell you without a doubt that change has occurred.

When something changes in a person their physiology will change!

It could be the breathing, a skin tone change , put a smile on their face, a posture change, or get them to laugh hysterically. Or any other physiological change you’re probably done.

Those are all signs that brain juice changes and the new pathways are formed.

And that is when it’s enough!

Call it a day, test if you like and trust your work while you end the session.

If you’re not a Practitioner yet and you work with others NLP certification training is a very valuable set of Tools for Transformation.

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