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Most of us have heard the saying “perception is reality”, or “ what we perceive we believe”It really is the truth, however what we perceive is only OUR reality.  Sometimes our “reality”  is highly useful and conducive to experiencing a wonderful life, sometimes it is not.

I said to Fredrik the other day   “I’m ready for spring, bring it on!”

“Tell me about it”  he responded “It’s been a long cold, winter and we’ve had way more snow than most other years, enough is enough.”

Later that day I was out with one of my favourite girlfriends…

I started our conversation “ I sure am ready for spring “   (It’s always nice to get the weather talk out of the way lol)

“yeah true that”  she replied.

“ Fred says we’ve had an exceptionally cold winter and way more snow that most years”

“Not a chance” she argued

“ We’ve hardly had any snow, it’s been long, but not even that cold, and definitely not that much snow”


I pondered for a moment and concluded that if my friend and Fredrik were in the room together, right now they probably would be getting into some sort of debate about whose perception of weather was “right”.

People will do almost anything to protect their  “perception” of reality.

Myself included,  I too will hold onto what I believe and savour the glorious experience of what I am perceiving.

Unless of course what I’m  perceiving is poop. If it’s poop I change, I change my reality so when I experience poop it’s for as little time as possible.

“How can you change reality?”  Good question!

I wish I could lock up the answer for you right here in 20 words or less.  It’s just not that quick a fix, but it is absolutely easy to do…once you’ve got the right tool.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the single most powerful personal development resource/tool I’ve learned  yet. With it I was able to completely change my life.

The impossible became possible and the unlikely a reality.

Happiness is always a decision I get to make any time I like. That’s pretty profound considering I was manic depressive and a hurricane of anger at least some of the time.

For anyone out there that has made helping others live happier more fulfilling lives, their work, NLP is an absolute God send.

With NLP there is no more guessing and trying to figure out what’s wrong with people.

That’s because there is nothing wrong with people. What they’re doing that isn’t working  anymore, was working at some point. They’ve come to you because they’re ready to change their reality.

NLP when taught by a skillful, experience and certified NLP trainer is virtually effortless to learn, and a lot of fun.

You will learn that guess work with others is not only completely unnecessary it’s highly frowned upon. You will learn to recognize the structure of what is getting in their way whether it’s your clients, children, spouse, or yourself.

It’s kind of like recognizing the weeds in your garden. Once you spot them you take them out and the rest of your garden is free to flourish.

I leave one week between visits for a same client…and rarely do I need to see someone for more than 3 visits.

Most often by the time the client comes in for their 2nd visit so much has changed there’s not more required from me, unless they want to work on something else.

NLP Training is an absolutely must have resource for anyone dedicated to personal development and helping others lead happier more fulfilling lives.

Here’s another example of conflicting realities…

So I’m talking to Joseph the other day and this fellow’s name Brad King, comes up.

“Yeah you weren’t too impressed with him”  Joseph says

“what do you mean?”  I said  “I’ve read his book and his info seems good”

“No no I mean when you met him”

“I met him?” I asked somewhat stunned

“Yeaaaah, here in Edmonton, we went to hear him speak and then had a chat with him afterward”

“What the…I met Brad King?  I saw him speak in Edmonton? lol…when where?”

“Oh Jackey, yes you and I went to the ……..”  he continued with an astounding amount of details.  I think he even told me what he ate for dinner that night!

I thought about this conversation with Joseph off and on for some time.

I’ve now decided it isn’t worth thinking about anymore. lol!

Clearly this is just another example of just how real someones perception, someone’s memory, someone’s realty is, at least to them.

In my perceived memory I arranged for Joseph to go and listen to Brad Kind, because we got hooked up by someone that thought it was a good idea that we meet and I don’t live in Alberta so Joseph went.

In Joseph’s mind he and I went together and met Brad King and I wasn’t impressed by him.

Who’s right?…both of us and as long as it isn’t causing any problems in our lives we’re keeping our perceptions/our story as is.

But I assure you that if it does start to cause some problems for us (some poop).

I have the skills to change not only my memory but to facilitate a more harmonious shared reality with Joseph.

In fact I can do this with anyone, anywhere,  anytime and don’t need to get caught up in arguments about who’s right and who’s wrong.

It’s also useful working with clients when their perception of reality may be causing them some grief.

These are very good skills to have!

Let’s face it … people don’t always perceive “reality” the same way and you can either be “right” or you can have peaceful, loving and supportive relationships with clients, your family and friends.

Hats off to perception!

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Paul Cilia12 years ago,

When ….lets call him “God”…. wants to string together two distant universal happenings for me to experience, he is very very fast… Seconds. I will briefly explain. Before opening this article, I had just opened an email reply from an old teacher of mine, in response to my sending him my feelings on how we got along together in the past. He was surpised and “mystified”, since what i experienced, has nothing to do with what he experienced. I in turn was surpised with his response, and like magic, Jackeys article is practically the next window to pop up on screen.. giving me a better perspective with which to investigate what the hell is going on regards my relationship mentioned above. Bye for now. xx


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