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Have you ever just known that someone was not telling you the truth?

It would be pretty darn cool to be able to tell when people aren’t being completely honest wouldn’t you agree?

The first time I heard of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), was during an intensive Trainer Training I attended many years ago.

Tucked away on one of the pages in the workbook was the heading “NLP” with drawings of six sets of eyes underneath.

“You mean to tell me”

Turning and looking up to the instructor I continued…

“ that just by watching the eye movements of the person I’m talking to I can tell if they’re lying?”

“Yeah, more or less” he responded.

I was so intrigued with what I learned that day about NLP that I made the decision right then that one day I would attend an NLP Training Course and learn NLP and that’s exactly what I did.

“Eye accessing cues” although only a very small part of the whole NLP picture is probably one of the easiest patterns in human behaviour to notice.

The next time you find yourself involved a conversation with someone at work simply notice that throughout the discussion they will be moving there eyes up and down, side to side and back centre towards you.

There is no “correct” movement pattern to notice, just simply notice that their eyes are moving.

You could even notice yourself doing it…

It is a very natural process and each and every human being does it. Albeit some people have more exaggerated movements than others, but without exception everyone does it.


Simply put, imagine that your brain has sorted out all the information you have into various filing cabinets inside your head. For the vast majority of people it has two filing cabinets for all the information it has stored as pictures or movies – remember now the best vacation you’ve ever had.

It has two filing cabinets for all the information it has stored as audio files….like a telephone conversation you had yesterday,

It has a filing cabinet for all of the things that you know without a doubt and that you keep closest to you….your “down right knowing” is how I like to call it, and then there’s a place where you keep all the stuff that is “unfinished business”, like an argument you had that isn’t resolved.

These filing cabinets in turn are placed up and to the left and the right for the pictures (visual files), one cabinet for each year (left and right side) and then the final two are placed looking down to your right and looking down to your left.

For the visual information one cabinet is reserved for things it remembers. The other side for creativity….it isn’t pulling the information from memory so some creativity is involved. Imagining a dream home would be pulled out of that area, unless the person had previously created a very clear and precise picture of the dream home, then they would pull it from the remembered side or possibly a little from both sides.

The same goes for the auditory files….one side for remembered conversations and the other when we are piecing it together or sorting it out.


Great question but I’m not going to answer it, not today at least.

It’s going to take just a little more than a few words to explain that part thoroughly, so for now go out and have some fun noticing that when people talk to you their eyes move!

Watch their eyes go up and down side to side, and notice yourself doing the same thing. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself chuckling out loud because this is very cool stuff!

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